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I’m excited to announce the launch of the BRAND NEW BILLY THE PYRO WEBSITE! In preparation of the release of BTP #3 and beyond. This will be a much easier way to say informed on all the latest news, reviews and interviews from around the web. You’ll also be able to get another sneak peek at the cover to BTP #3. 

I’ll still be tweaking and adding things over time. But I’d love to hear your feedback and any suggestion you may have.

Hope you enjoy!

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deadcrowcomics asked:

Thanks man I'm glad you like it! It's 22 pages, and yes, I'm planning on doing more eventually. I have a lot of cool ideas for the character and hopefully will have the time in the near future to start the next issue

Brad Burdick Answer:

That’s awesome! Do you have anyone lined up to help publish it? Keep up the awesome work, and can’t wait to see the finished results.



The best things have free in them. Freedom. Freezies. Morgan Freeman. Fritos. Etc. In the spirit of free, here is a free comic for you—a complete 24-page, full-color one-shot—ULTRANOVA. This isn’t just a number one, it’s the full deal, beginning to end.

ULTRANOVA was released last year to a bunch of great response, and the team behind it—Chris Peterson (art), Ed Ryzowski (colors), and myself (script)—couldn’t be more happy with our collaboration. It’s a playful-but-grim homage to some of our favorite science fiction, and we hope you enjoy it.

Download the full 24 page ULTRANOVA comic right here, for a limited time.

If you’d like to check out more free comics, or support some amazing self-published creators, check out the comics collective happening over at, where ULTRANOVA resides.


Art: Chris Peterson
Ryan Ferrier
Colors: Ed Ryzowski

Synopsis: The Atlas II—a space craft designed to keep the supergiant star, Argus, from exploding—suddenly goes offline, diverting a nearby astronaut from a long, solitary mission. Once aboard the Atlas II, astronaut Cale soon discovers the crew violently murdered by an inhuman force. As the burning star swells closer to supernova, Cale finds himself in a race against time to save not only his own sanity, but billions of life forms.

24 Pages / Full Color

Here’s that link once more, please do enjoy and tell your friends—download & read ULTRANOVA for free right now.

(via vsrobots)